Healthy Snack Replacements- Clean Out Your Pantry and Fridge… NOW!

Tuesday is trash day, so today I decided to clean out my pantry and fridge.  I’m not exactly sure how so much crap piled in there or why I thought I needed 4 different boxes of saltine crackers in my life, but I went through, threw away everything that was old and then tossed everything that was junk sitting there waiting to be eaten.

If you’re like many people, you decide that TODAY is the day you are going to start eating better or change your diet.  You do a good job for breakfast, you make out alright for lunch, but my dinner time, you’re in your pantry and you see loads of crap and it just happens to jump into your mouth.  Or you want something sweet, and ooooh look, there’s a can of Coke alllllll the way in the back of the fridge that must have been God’s way of telling you that he wanted you to have a Coke– it was just meant to be!  It was not.  It was not meant to be.

Temptation is a real thing.  If you avoid the temptation, you are less likely to succumb to it.

Go into your pantry and your fridge and look around at what you have in there.  Is it what you’d like to feed yourself and your family?  Or is it just a bunch of over-processed junk that is sitting in there waiting for a last minute dinner or a late night snack?  Is Monster trail mix really going to make you happy, or just satisfy that craving that randomly comes up in the middle of the day?  If you had to work a little bit harder to make your craving satisfied, maybe your craving would just go away?

Clean out and replace.  What are you really looking for?  A pick me up?  Something sweet?  Something crunchy Here are some suggestions of items to keep in your pantry/fridge for optimal snacking that will satisfy whatever it is you’re craving:

1) Mamma Chia Products


Mamma Chia makes vitality beverages and squeezes made with the superpower chia seed.  The little pouches are full of omega 3s, fiber, and are gluten free, vegan, organic, and non-GMO.  Plus, they are delicious.  Try them- they’ll fulfill a craving and give you the chia seed advantage.  Once you go chia seed, you don’t go back.  It’s a new obsession of mine.  The beverages are addictive too.  It has just enough sweetness to it and the texture is great.


Check out Chia Pods from The Chia Co, too.  They have great texture and are easy to take on the go.  If you’re like me and you have to eat your breakfast on the run, these are great options.   The Pods also have a built in spoon, so if you always forget your spoon and you end up having to gulp down your yogurt or whatnot, you’ll have no issue with these.  Plus, they’re yummy.


2) Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


What is easier than keeping bananas and oranges on the counter or grapes and blueberries in the fridge?  These make great snacks or pieces of a meal.  Want veggies?  Buy cauliflower and chop it up right when you get home, then snack on it for the next few days.  Grab some baby carrots or celery.  If you get used to munching on fresh fruits and veggies, you’ll have a hard time going back to the processed crap you’re used to.  You’ll feel better and you’ll see it in your body as you continue to eat fresh.


3) Nut butters


What else needs to be said?  Check out the different nut butters at a store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s (stay away from the Cookie butter- that doesn’t count!)  Justin’s makes great pouches of Almond Butters that can be eaten easily on the go.  Add it to bananas, breads, celery, or eat it on its own.


4)  Brad’s Raw Foods Kale Chips


It sounds gross, but give them a try.  The crunch is JUST what you’re looking for.  Even if it is an acquired taste for you, you can remember that you are putting something nutritious into your body instead of munching mindlessly on Lay’s or some other potato chips.  Check out more about it here


5) ENERGYbits


These bits of food are ideal when you need a little pick-me-up.  Whether it be in the morning before work, before a run, or instead of that 5 hour energy you’re so fond of mid-afternoon, ENERGYbits give you the boost you’re looking for on top of tons of other nutrients.  One serving of these high protein algae bits give you 100% of your Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Iron, and Zinc for the day.  It’s food, but it’s also so packed with Iron that it can take the place of an iron supplement if you’re low (great for people who are anemic or vegetarian).

Go here to find out more about it:  and use code GeauxTri to get 25% off at checkout.  You can’t find these babies in store, so you’ll need to order them off of their website.


6) Coconut milk Yogurt


I’m lactose-intolerant, but I always keep coconut milk yogurt and soy yogurt in the fridge.  These are easy snacks that are nutritious.  Cow’s milk yogurt is fine too if you’re stomach can handle it, just do NOT BUY LIGHT YOGURT.  Light yogurt is sweetened with artificial sweetener which is NOT GOOD FOR YOU.  Full fat yogurt is the best, especially if you are trying the No Sugar No Grains diet (like my husband).  He even started making his own yogurt to keep all of the extra crap out of the yogurt he eats.  Interested in that diet- look here

My favorite is So Delicious- check them out here-  You’ll find a new favorite!!


Overall- remember that food is FUELING your body.  Even if you aren’t an athlete, your body is still a machine that should be fueled with the best ingredients possible.  You are what you eat- no matter how stupid you think that saying is, there is so much truth in it.


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