Vega Sport- Recovery Accelerator- Worth It? Or No?


The San Francisco Marathon really depleted me.  My legs were completely torn up from the hills.  I am from Louisiana- we have COMPLETELY flat areas and I have spent my summer training on these super flat roads.  The hills of San Francisco left my calf muscles SCREAMING at me and my quads were no better.

I needed something to help with recovery.  I had my 2XU compression leggings, but I wanted something more.

I turned to Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator-


I used my blender bottle and mixed up the recovery accelerator after the race, as well as each day following.  The blend mixes easily and tastes somewhat like Sunny D, so it is a pleasant drink.  (If you’re not used to a lot of sports supplements, many of them taste DISGUSTING, so thumbs up for Vega Sport!)  It went down easily, mixed well, and didn’t leave any sort of after taste in my mouth.

I do think that it actually helped speed up my recovery.  My legs were REALLY wrecked since I was so not used to the hills (and woah mama, were there hill!!), and by Wednesday morning (which was three days after the race), my legs were perfectly back to normal.  It has taken much longer than that in the past!  Fuel Your Better means not only helping fuel your run, but it can ALSO help you recover from your race.  Recovery is so important and so many people forget about it.

Another good thing about Vega Sport’s Recovery Accelerator is that it includes turmeric, which helps fight DOMS.  Drinking this mix after the race as well as for a few days afterward, helped me see a reduction in the soreness of my muscles, which is exactly what you would want to take a recovery accelerator for.

The only thing I would have to caution people about is that the product contains whole grain brown rice sweetener.  This sweetener is SO MUCH better than sugar, but is derived from grains.  As a NSNG eater (No Sugar No Grains), I try to avoid all types of grains and products derived from grains.  Most people, however, would find no problem with this sweetener, and since it is the only negative I can find about Vega Sport’s Recovery Accelerator, I would highly recommend it to other athletes.  Avid NSNG eaters, however, this is not the product for you.


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