Surgery on Monday :( Wish me luck!



Monday is the big day.  I will finally go under the knife to get some relief from my knee pain.  Anyone who has been following me on Twitter has seen me whining about my knee for months now.  What started as ridiculous pain during the Louisiana Marathon in January has turned into an ongoing problem that will not go away, even though I tried therapy and rest..  I finished the Louisiana Marathon, but my knee was never the same.  I continued running and attempted to complete Rock N Roll New Orleans.  HA!  My knee ended up buckling and I ended up walking half way in and had to stop at the half marathon finish.  I think I was more embarrassed than anything at that race.  This is what it looked like hours after when I got home.swollenknee


My doctor didn’t give me the go ahead to run after that.  We have tried injections, therapy, everything.  I spend so much time just sitting around, icing it, and taking anti-inflammatory medication.icingthekneekneepain I’ve been itching to get out for a run, but it hurts SO BAD that it isn’t even something I think about.  I miss racing so much though.

My meniscus is torn, I’m having serious problems with my muscle popping over my fibular head on the side of my knee, I have some sort of cartilage problem in my knee cap, etc. etc .  I’ve really screwed up this knee.  We will address the meniscus this go around since we can do it as a scope and not as an open surgery.  We will try to rehab for the second issue.

Here’s a post from Twitter of the knee popping 😦

I put off surgery as long as humanly possible.  I didn’t want it.  I’m scared to death that it will end up making my knee hurt even more than it does already.  Running, biking, etc. is out of the picture for me completely right now.  Hopefully, this surgery will help me get back into it.  If not, it looks like I’ll stick to yoga and dancing, and even that is completely limited since I can’t do certain rotations and such on that right knee.  I knew it was time to get something done, though, when we went to San Francisco for the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon and I had trouble walking around the city.  It’s time.  It’s more than time.  I’m ready to get rid of the KNEE TAPE that tears up my skin!!  Sporting that KT or Rock tape all the time and it doesn’t even help much.


There is really no point to this post other than to get out some of my anticipation and apprehension about the surgery.  I’ll keep you updated– surgery is set for Monday morning, bright and early.


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