Aftershokz Sportz Titanium- A review

**Disclaimer: I received the Aftershokz Sportz Titanium to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review and write race reviews!


I was SO excited to be able to try out a pair of Aftershokz.  So many of my friends and the other Pros from the BibRave program talk about how much they love these headphones and I was stoked to be able to run with such a great new pair of headphones, especially since I’m just getting back into half training!

You can see from the picture above that these headphones don’t go IN your ear, but they work through bone conduction.  This is AMAZING because your ears are open, which, for a runner, is great for safety.  This was the one thing that I really loved about these headphones.  So many runners are in another world when running with headphones and are deaf to the dangers around them.  These headphones are the best of both worlds!  Want to check them out?  Go here!

BUT- for me, they just didn’t work as a RUNNING headphone.  They did a GREAT job in the dance studio and when I was using them for just regular day-to-day headphones, but for me, they didn’t fit properly and moved way too much.  I also used them on my bike the other day and it was great because I didn’t have to fight against the bouncing from running.  They are AMAZING on the bike because I was still very very aware of my surroundings, but I could hear my music as well.  Best of both worlds!

This picture shows the fit in the back.  Let me start by saying I have a skinny little head and could probably use a child’s pair of headphones.  These probably work for most people who have normal sized heads :/ and won’t move at all.  My husband wore them a few times and really liked them, so I blame my tiny head.

fitofaftershokzIn this picture you can see the way the back of the headphone sit on my neck.  This isn’t a problem when sitting around, but when running, it constantly bounces up and down, which then, in turn, makes the ear pieces move, which makes me not be able to hear the music coming from the ear pieces.  I was constantly adjusting and just couldn’t understand why everyone loved them so much.  I would love to try a different type of Aftershokz to really be able to judge, because of course, not one type of product works for everyone.  Again, they worked beautifully on the bike and at the studio- it was just just constant up and down from running that I couldn’t tolerate.

Another thing that I wasn’t really a fan of is the battery pack at the bottom.  I was able to tuck it into my running pack around my waist along with my phone, so it wasn’t really that problematic, but if I was still running with my phone around my arm, it would have bothered me to tears.  It just seems like sort of a clunky design and it is a product I don’t know that I would have kept had I bought it.


That being said– SO MANY OTHER people love these headphones.  Want to read theirs?

Jeannine –


To sum up- these headphones are amazing for people who are wanting a bone conduction headphone so they can still hear their surroundings.  They were big on my head, but my husband loved them and has started using them regularly.  I would definitely try them out and see what you think!


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